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Creating the World by John Downie   [Category: Philosophy]

Portrait of John Downie by Tim Wilson (PersonaMedia)
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What is the mind? It seems to be immaterial, so how did it arise in a material universe? If all physical events have physical causes, how can a non-physical, mental event such as a thought or a decision have any influence on them? What is the connection between a subjective activity such as thinking and a physical activity such as a pattern of brainwaves? And how does a change in hormone levels or a wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, result in a mental experience such as an emotion or a sensation of colour?

This is the "problem of consciousness". It lies at the core of the "mind-body problem", which has troubled philosophers for centuries. John Downie looks for the answer to it, not in the world itself, but in the way we experience and think about the world, and has come up with a radical new theory, which some of his readers regard as the first convincing solution to it.

His book, Creating the World, is written in a deliberately non-academic style. It can be downloaded free of charge, as can a synopsis and summary of the theory.

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Our First and Last Book about Reinhold Alfred ed. Richard Headicar   [Category: People]

Portrait of Alfred Reynolds by Jim Sandhu
image by Jim Sandhu

In Hungary he was Reinhold Alfred, a poet and former revolutionary who escaped the country before the Nazis came.

In England he was Alfred Reynolds, a penetrating critic of all political and religious ideologies, who had a far-reaching influence on many people throughout the world.

To many Germans he was the person who freed them from the fanatical certainties of Nazi indoctrination.

All those involved with him will welcome this forthcoming tribute volume, edited by the well-known speaker Richard Headicar. In it, many people who knew Alfred describe their experience of him and how he influenced their lives. Further contributions are welcome, particularly from those who knew Alfred in Hungary. The eventual publisher has not yet been decided.

As a taster for the final book, you can download free of charge some brief Biographical Notes written by Richard Headicar, covering the period of Alfred’s life to 1947.

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